The Survival server has been fixed and updated!


A new server!

Play minecraft in a realistic and unforgiving survival world.

This modded server is great for players that want a more challenging gameplay.

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ATIM Vanilla

Our good old server.

A very old map, with all your buildings untouched.

This server is meant as a stable vanilla experience with no plan of wipe in sight.

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Feeling Crusty

Our own Rust server!
It is online on demand, that means it is offline until someone asks for it.

It is vanilla

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All In The Mined


AITM is a community that started back in 2010 on Minecraft. Thousands of players played on our servers and hundreds have been part of our message boards.

It no longer is limited to Minecraft, as the interests of everyone change over time. This means that the community is now spread over multiple games, making it fragmented but diverse.

Some popular ways to get in touch with AITM members is by Skype, Discord and the forums.